From shipbuilding economy to marine economy — appropriate vector of regional development





Parsyak, V. N.
Парсяк, В. Н.

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Azov and Black seas with a coastline length of 2782 km are one of the unchange-able treasures, by which Ukraine was originally endowed. On the convincing examples of comparison of the domestic realities with foreign practice, on the one hand the author demon-strates the business unwillingness and government inability to launch the financial flows on the maritime economic complex development, and on the other hand, to develop the required conditions for this. As a result, the country loses profitable markets and the investment flows are oriented beyond its borders. In order to change the situation for the better, it is recom-mended to distract yourself from focusing the attention on the shipbuilding problem. Not as much this problem is no longer urgent as beyond temporary difficulties of the field not to lose the prospects which open the complex development of maritime potential. It was formulated that the future of marine economy is directly related to the preparation of competent person-nel by the specialized higher education institutions, including the Economics Department of the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding.
Изложена мысль о будущем причерноморских регионов Украины, связанным с использованием колоссального потенциала моря. В этом контексте предложено авторское видение структуры экономики моря и места в ней высшей школы — источника компетентного профессионального персонала.


Parsyak, V. N. From shipbuilding economy to marine economy — appropriate vector of regional development = От экономики судостроения к экономике моря — целесообразный вектор регионального развития / V. N. Parsyak // Shipbuilding & Marine Infrastructure. – 2014. – № 1 (1). – P. 136–147.

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World Ocean, sea, marine economy, shipbuilding, maritime transport industry, research and education sector, Мировой океан, море, морская экономика, судостроение, морской транспортный комплекс, научно-образовательная сфера

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