Strategic Dominants of Forming and Development of Investment Capacity in Transition Economy





Kramarenko, Iryna
Serhiychuk, Serhiy
Archybisova, Dariya
Hrystoforov, Vadym
Kravets, Larysa

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The paper argues that investment is of the decisive importance for securing the living activity and development of national economy in current unstable conditions. If to consider economy as a single integral organism, the investment plays the role of the blood circulatory system, without which the organism has no opportunities for survival and devel- opment. The volumes of investment in the economy significantly depend on the level of its investment capacity, i.e. ability to form investment re- sources and efficiently use and accumulate them. The fact that the re- search of the processes of forming and efficient use of investment capaci- ty of the national economy is of an utmost scientific and practical impor- tance, especially considering the instability and substantial turbulence of macroeconomic, social and geopolitical conditions, is emphasized. Stabi- lization of economic processes and revival of sustainable economic growth are proven to remain the most essential problems at current stage of market economy transformation in Ukraine, accompanied by consider- able instability in economic, international, political and legal environ- ments. Their successful solution brings to the fore the need to develop efficient mechanisms of forming, accumulation and enhancement of the efficiency of investment capacity realization that requires preliminary analysis of its major sources and opportunities of their mobilization in unstable conditions. The authors prove that currently the most important task is to search for financial, foreign economic, political and social bal- ance in order to secure stable conditions of national economy develop- ment and to promote the growth of investment capacity by improvement of investment climate, bringing the economy out of shade and attraction of foreign investment.


Strategic Dominants of Forming and Development of Investment Capacity in Transition Economy / I. Kramarenko, S. Serhiychuk, D. Archybisova, V. Hrystoforov, L. Kravets // Perspectives, Journal on Economic Issues. – 2019. – vol 5. – issue 2. – P. 70–82.

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national economy, investment capacity, investment multip- liers, economic growth

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