Simulation of fire development and distribution in floating dock towers





Rashkovskiy, A. S.
Рашковский, А. С.
Rashkovskiy, S. A.
Рашковский, С. А.
Postupalskiy, N. I.
Поступальский, Н. И.
Ermakov, D. V.
Ермаков, Д. В.

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One of the most difficult problems which appear during the floating docks design is the fire hazard estimation. For each designed floating dock it is necessary to analyze the possible scenarios of fire development, the ways of its distribution and work out structural, technical and organizational events for the prevention, localization and suppression of pos-sible fires. The support in such analysis may provide computer simulation of fire development scenarios: it is possible to trace the ways of fire distribution into the dock tower taking into account the work of fire suppressing resources setting in different places the preliminary fo-cuses of ignition fires. The mathematic model of fire development and distribution in the floating dock tower has been developed and researched taking into account the potential fire wire which connected the rooms. This model allows counting the possible scenarios and limited modes of fire develop-ment and evaluating the fire hazards of structures with different complexity. The parametrical research of fire development in the room system has been carried out. It is demonstrated that there are a conditions in which the fire distribution can be stopped and the criteria of fire cease are determined.
Предложена математическая модель развития и распространения пожара в башнях плавучего дока. Показано, что существуют условия, при которых распространение пожара может остановиться, и определены критерии прекращения пожара. Модель может быть применена для других плавучих сооружений различной сложности.


Simulation of fire development and distribution in floating dock towers = Моделирование развития и распространения пожара в башнях плавучего дока / A. S. Rashkovskiy, S. A. Rashkovskiy, N. I. Postupalskiy, D. V. Ermakov // Shipbuilding & Marine Infrastructure. – 2014. – № 1 (1). – P. 53–63.

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floating dock, fire danger, fire development, fire spread, the combustion process, the modeling of fire, плавучий док, пожарная опасность, пожарная опасность, развитие пожара, распространение пожара, процесс горения, моделирование пожара

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