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    Current prerequisites and economic expediency of CNG-technologies implementation in black sea
    (2014) Kryzhanovskiy, Ye. I.; Крыжановский, Е. И.; Dzeba, O. G.; Дзеба, О. Г.; Zaytsev, Vladimir V.; Зайцев, В. В.; Zaytsev, Valeriy V.; Зайцев, Вал. В.; Dzhus, A. P.; Джус, А. П.; Susak, A. M.; Сусак, А. М.
    The possibility and expediency of application of the compressed natural gas trans-portation technology for its transportation to the shore terminals has been considered in the connection to the Black Sea shelf. The aim of research is to analyze the prerequisites and detail the concept of construction of the offshore natural gas output and transportation sys-tem and prove the economic expediency of the CNG-technology to transport the gas from the Black Sea offshore deposit to the shore terminals. It is established that the approximate distance of the gas transportation through the offshore zones does not exceed 100...120 km for the majority of the identified deposits. The research results can be applied to design the self-propelled and non-self-propelled CNG-ships. The obtained results of the analysis of technical and economic conditions of the CNG-technology application for the natural gas transportation from the Black Sea offshore deposits, as well as the obtained results during the preliminary technical and economic justification demonstrate the technical and economic expediency of the practical application of the CNG-technology.
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    Analysis of influence of mode and geometric chrate-ristics on processes of high-frequency inductive plasma torch with reverse vortex flow
    (2014) Serbin, S. I.; Сербин, C. И.; Mostipanenko, A. B.; Мостипаненко, А. Б.
    The analysis of aerodynamic and heat structure of flow in high-frequency inductive plasma torch has been carried out. The range of plasma torch power is measured in dozens of kilowatts. The numerical simulation methods of the turbulent flow in the plasma torch affected by high frequency electromagnetic field without considering the chemical kinetics are used during the research. The data of temperature field and induced current density in the plasma torch depending on current amperage and frequency are obtained. Also, these data are obtained depending on the flow scheme in the operated on argon and air plasma torches. The inductive plasma torches can be applied to solve a wide range of tasks such as activa-tion of coal-dust mixture with its further gasification, coating process for the stabilization of combustion processes as well as for the recycling processes at the mobile seaport recycling complexes. The calculations demonstrated convincingly the advantage of the operation of plasma torches with reverse vortex flow over plasma torches with “direct” vortex flow. Moreover the ob-tained data allow executing the assessment of thermal efficiency of inductive plasma jet and obtaining its optimal operational modes.
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    Management of projects and programs content on competitiveness increase of ukrainian gas turbine building
    (2014) Ryzhkov, S. S.; Рыжков, С. С.; Koshkin, K. V.; Кошкин, К. В.; Chernova, L. S.; Чернова, Л. С.
    In the article the main directions of content management of projects and programs on the competitive growth of gas and turbine building industry have been defined. The com-petitive strengths for “Zorya”–“Mashproekt” products in the energy area for gas pipeline systems and ship GTEs are analyzed. A mathematical model is developed and the method for the rational projects portfolio formation at the enterprise which produces the GTI is pro-posed. Taking into account the capacity range of engines, the dynamics of supply of GTSPC “Zorya”–“Mashproekt” products applied to the stable tapped markets is studied. The methods of the GTE competitive growth by means of modernization of the operated ones and deve-lopment of the new ones are considered. A concept of formation of competitive production program of Ukrainian gas turbine enterprise is proposed.
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    Testing of pyrolysis technology of organic waste utilization for marine economy complex – waste supply system into pyrolysis reactor
    (2014) Ryzhkov, S. S.; Рыжков, С. С.; Markina, L. N.; Маркина, Л. Н.; Rudyuk, N. V.; Рудюк, Н. В.; Zabolotnaya, Yu. V.; Заболотная, Ю. В.
    The technological and structural specific features of the plunger system of organic waste loading into the hermetically sealed pyrolysis reactor operating in a continuous mode are discussed. Research aim is to develop the safe, eco-friendly system of organic waste recycling which are forming in the process of maritime complex enterprises activity; to pro-vide the continuous eco-friendly safe loading of crushed organic waste into the hermetically sealed reactor of multistage circuit pyrolysis. The theoretical calculations on the geometry optimization of the output nozzle installed at the output of the plunger system which forms the cork from the loaded crushed polymers which provides the sealing of the pyrolysis reactor are carried out. The experimental studies of nozzles in continuous operation mode of the reac-tor are performed. The development of plunger system structure with the optimal nozzle and simulated in 3D is completed. It is experimentally proved that the proposed optimal structure of the outlet nozzle in the form of a truncated pyramid with conicity of 1:3 installed to the reactor with its big base, in its low point, stably restores the technological cork in the process of the continuous crushed polymers feeding into the medium of molten polymers, at a given internal pressure in the reactor. The research results can be used for designing the industrial plants on thermal recycling of organic waste with obtaining the alternative types of fuel for maritime complexes, airports, hospitals, towns and villages, where during their industrial ac-tivity the organic waste are formed. The established theoretical laws and structural solutions can effectively solve the problem of designing the commercial industrial plants on the thermal recycling of organic waste with obtaining the alternative fuels in the eco-friendly mode.
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    Innovative technologies in composite floating docks construction
    (2014) Rashkovskyi, A. S.; Рашковский, А. С.; Ermakov, D. V.; Ермаков, Д. В.; Dong, Zhao; Дун, Чжао
    The aim of the article is the familiarization with the developed innovative technologies in the construction of reinforced-concrete floating structures on the example of composite floating docks (reinforced-concrete pontoon, steel towers). The advantages of composite floating structures compared with all-metal ones and the results of reinforced-concrete ele-ments optimization which provided the minimum usage of steel have been given. The new materials for floating reinforced-concrete structures are developed. This structures are based on the modified concrete which provides their long time performance and exploitation dura-tion in the sea water. Such structures can perform up to 70–80 years that is more than steel ones in 1.5–2 times. The construction technology of composite floating docks which have almost unlimited lifting force and sizes from separated large parts with further caissonless jointing of reinforced-concrete pontoon on length and width afloat without submerged-technical works is developed. This technology can be used both at the building yard and at the place of its exploitation and the technology does not have any analogues in the worldwide practice of dock construction. The research results can be used for design and construction of any floating structures exploited in the sea water.
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    Interval estimation of the work duration deviations while time management in the projects design engineering of vessels
    (2014) Prykhodko, S. B.; Приходько, С. Б.; Kudin, O. A.; Кудин, О. А.
    The application of interval estimation of deviation of work duration under the time management of projects of design vessels documentation development has been studied. The aim of the study is to determine the possibilities to apply the interval estimation of deviation of work duration on the basis of normalizing transformations. This will reduce the probability of exceeding the time and budget of projects of design vessels documentation development. The Johnson’s normalizing transformations and rules of interval arithmetic are applied to determine the deviation of work duration in projects of design vessels documentation de-velopment. Three types of interval deviation of work duration in projects of design vessels documentation development are determined. The example of usage of interval estimates of deviation of work duration is given on the basis of Johnson’s normalizing transformations in projects of design vessels documentation devel-opment. The research results can be used under the time management of projects of design vessels documentation development. This improves the reliability of estimation of work dura-tion deviation and helps to make the informed decisions to change the schedule of projects of design vessels documentation development.
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    Integration of marine engineering and information and communication technology
    (2014) Parsyak, V. N.; Парсяк, В. Н.; Solesvik, M. B.; Солесвик, М. Б.
    The number of interfirm collaborative agreements in shipbuilding increased dra-matically over the last thirty years. The authors consider the issues related to the tight and effective cooperation in shipbuilding, i.e. between ship-owner, ship design company, ship-building yard and its suppliers, and classification societies aimed to build competitive vessels in terms of quality and price. The authors have compared two approaches to solve this task realized with the help of information and communication technologies applied in the Nor-wegian firms. The implications for research and practice are discussed. The avenues for the further research are presented. The study will be useful for practitioners from the maritime industries and scholars.
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    Probability analysis of risk-contributing factors in organizational tasks of ship repair
    (2014) Kovalenko, I. I.; Коваленко, И. И.; Shved, A. V.; Швед, А. В.; Melnik, A. V.; Мельник, А. В.
    The ship repair process is a complex technological process affected by rather large number of risk-contributing factors: the cost of repairs, repair durations, quality of repair, the presence of the necessary production facilities and personnel, etc. It highlights the prob-lem of analysis, prediction and forecasting of the impact of these factors in order to solve effectively a number of organizational measures which precede the implementation of the ship repair works. For the account of a variety of factors which affect the course of the ship repair process the automated information systems which contain the developed databases are developed at the enterprises. Because of the versatility the existing information systems of the dockyards management can not display the specifics of the ship repair and are mainly focused on the management of the financial costs at the enterprise. A common drawback of such systems is the lack of decision support modules in them which limits their function in the production management. The aim of this article is to consider the possibility of ap-pliance of the model to support the decision making under the conditions of risk which are presented by the probability trees at which the tasks of probabilistic inference and the devel-opment of a number of illustrative examples are solved. Preliminary, each risk-contributing factor which represents a system of random events is graphically displayed in the form of the distribution tree. Each branch of the distribution tree displays a single random event and its probability to be fulfilled. The combination of such trees received by their joint leads to the probabilities tree. Each node (the top) of such tree is connected with one complete sys-tem of random events. Each event and the probability of its fulfillment are displayed by the tree branch which comes from the corresponding node. Each path in the tree from the root node to the final position shows one of the possible combinations of events which are called a script. This approach can be successfully applied for the analysis of various organizational and technical problems of the ship repair under the conditions of uncertainty.
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    Content management of marine infrastructure innovation projects
    (2014) Koshkin, K. V.; Кошкин, К. В.; Voznyy, A. M.; Возный, А. М.; Antykova, I. V.; Антыкова, И. В.
    The article is devoted to the actual approaches of the content management of ma-rine infrastructure innovative projects. The innovative activity of objects of marine infrastruc-ture is one of the main ways of their adaption to the constant changes of the environmental conditions. Found that the principle of the full life cycle management should be in the basis of manage-ment of innovative projects of marine infrastructure development. The content of life-cycle phases of innovative projects has been analyzed. The management principle of the full life cycle and technology of the program architecture development have been considered. The innovative projects should be considered in the set of corresponding programs according to the direction on the general aims. The content of projects should be clearly agreed with the mission, strategy and scripts of the program through its architecture. The architecture development foresees the definition of the mission, strategy, scripts, standard models and structures of the projects and has a feedback cycle to provide the flexibility and adaptability. The further research in this direction should be focused on the development of the standard models and structures of the innovative projects and on the rules of their appliance in terms of the specific architectures.
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    Constructive tendencies of speed increase of small and high-speed vessels
    (2014) Korobanov, Yu. N.; Коробанов, Ю. Н.; Kuznetsov, A. I.; Кузнецов, А. И.; Korobanova, A. A.; Коробанова, А. А.
    The new laws of formation of the hull structures which can lead to the movement speed increase of small and high-speed vessels are discussed. The constructive decisions of such vessels are analyzed: planning boats, hydrofoils, catamarans, relief vessels, surface-piercing vessels, kinematically hull hinge vessels, with outriggers, swath vessels, hovercrafts, sailing vessels with wing propeller. The effect of speed increase is determined by means of the formation of transverse and longitudinal planning steps, hydrofoils including the wings of relief vessels, and also by means of the air cushion. The hydrodynamic schemes which pro-vide the hull lifting above the water surface are much more common and this operation is car-ried out by planning, wing-systems, creating the air cushion, as well as by the combination of these constructive methods. The constructive decisions and methods related to the reduction of the wave component of water resistance are determined and systemized. This is achieved in two ways, either by the hull lifting above the water surface or hull submerging under the water, either by the decrease of the waterline area or increase of the ratio of the vessel in its width. The research results can be used in the design of new types of speed and small vessels with the possible compilation of several constructive ways in order to improve the speed of sailing. The set laws allow controlling the design processes, making a variety of design deci-sions in the formation of hull structures of small and high-speed vessels.