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    Spatial non-stationary movement of a marine tethered system at maneuvering
    (2017) Trunin, K. S.
    When designing an underwater towed system (UTS) and selecting possible modes of its movement, of great importance is calculation of the parameters of the towed system (TS) movement at carrier vessel maneuvering. This is caused by the fact that the TS changes its running depth when the vessel moves with an alternating speed, which leads to the appearance of a considerable number of dynamic components of the tether tension and unstable modes of the TS movement.
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    Modernization of the universal computing program according to the method of improvement of the calculation procedure for the quantitative assessment of the quality of training provided in international programs
    (2017) Ryzhkov, O. S.
    Providing timely and high-quality educational services for a foreign customer is a critical task determining the university’s reputation in the international arena and, thus, subsequent international orders. In the conditions of competition in the global market of educational services, it is necessary to constantly confirm the high standards of the university. To significantly reduce the time of calculation, a universal computing program has been created.
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    Development of ship systems for air purification from droplet moisture
    (2018) Ryzhkov, S. S.
    The study of gas dynamics and deposition coefficients of the separating profile has been performed. The three-dimensional model of working channels of the ship systems for air purification from droplet moisture is developed. The distribution of velocity, static pressure, dynamic pressure, kinetic energy of turbulence, and deposition coefficients for the flow rates of 5, 10, 15, 20 m/s in separating profiles with the radii of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 mm.
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    Rental relations in maritime economic activities
    (2017) Parsyak, V. N.; Solesvik, M. B.
    Based on the views of predecessors, the authors have examined the essence of rent and rental relations as essential economic and legal categories. The growth of their importance in the rapid development of the world’s maritime economy is highlighted, as is the exhaustion of natural resources that ensure human life and activities. The negative consequences of the authorities’ irresponsibility towards the improvement of rental relations are outlined.
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    Types of maritime economic activities
    (2017) Parsyak, V. N.
    The author analyses the approaches to systematization of the types of economic activities which in their interconnection create an internal structure of maritime economy. The prospects of the development of humanity and the role of the World Ocean in its life have been outlined. Weighty arguments are given in favor of its increasing importance as for providing people with resources necessary for normal existence of the future generations.
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    General concept of the autonomous hydrogen fuelling station based on photovoltaic and metal-hydride technologies for fuel cell electric vehicles
    (2017) Tkach, M.; Tymoshevskyy, B.; Halynkin, Y.; Proskurin, A.
    The promotion of hydrogen energetics into the transport sector is currently a priority in the development of the world economy. One of the efficient direction for modern vehicles is the usage fuel cells and hydrogen for its powering. The obstacle along this way is the high cost of hydrogen and the difficulty of storing it on Vehicles' board. The article considers the possibility of the solar energy usage for efficient hydrogen production and metal-hydride technologies for its purification, compression and storage into the filling station and on a board.
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    Electromagnetic processes in the power seсtion of the series-to-series resonant converter for contactless inductive energy transfer = Электромагнитные процессы в силовой части последовательно-последовательного резонансного преобразователя для бесконтактной индуктивной передачи электроэнергии
    (2017) Pavlov, H. V.; Obrubov, A. V.; Pokrovskyi, M. V.; Vinnychenko, I. L.; Павлов, Г. В.; Обрубов, А. В.; Покровский, М. В.; Винниченко, И. Л.
    The paper analyzes the electromagnetic processes in the power section of the series-to-series resonant converter for contactless inductive energy transfer. Static characteristics or the converter are discussed. The state-variable method has been implemented to solve the vector-matrix equations describing the processes in the power section of the converter, which allowed obtaining the dependence of the average value of the output current on the parameters of the circuit elements, the load, and the size of the transformer gap. There have been also obtained the load and adjustment characteristics of the converter. The research results can be applied in the development of a converter control system. The adjustment characteristics are established for a sufficiently large interval with a large air gap; they are of a linear form. The load characteristics are quite rigid, which simplifies control of the converter’s output current = Проанализированы электромагнитные процессы в силовой части последовательно-последовательного резонансного преобразователя для бесконтактной индуктивной передачи энергии. Получены решения векторно-матричных систем уравнений, описывающих электромагнитные процессы в силовой части резонансного преобразователя для бесконтактного электропитания. Получена зависимость среднего значения выходного тока преобразователя от параметров элементов резонансных контуров, величины воздушного зазора трансформатора, параметров источника и нагрузки. Построены статические характеристики последовательно-последовательного резонансного преобразователя.
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    Complex of tasks for monitoring and automatic control of mobile robots for vertical movement = Комплекс задач мониторинга и автоматического управления мобильными роботами для вертикального перемещения
    (2017) Kozlov, O. V.; Gerasin, O. S.; Kondratenko, G. V.; Козлов, А. В.; Герасин, А. С.; Кондратенко, Г. В.
    There have been analyzed and formalized the tasks of monitoring and automatic control of mobile robots (MR) for their movement and execution of various types of technological operations on inclined and vertical ferromagnetic surfaces. Generalized structure of a mobile robotic complex is shown with consideration to its main subsystems. The paper presents critical analysis of the current state of the problem of development of universal structures of MRs for the various types of technological operations and elaboration of computerized systems for monitoring and control of MR movement. In particular, there is provided a review of wheeled, walking and tracked MRs with pneumatic, vacuum-propeller, magnetic and magnetically operated clamping devices to grip vertical and ceiling surfaces. The constructive features of the crawler MR with a magnetic clamping device capable of moving along inclined ferromagnetic surfaces are considered. The basic technical parameters of the MR are shown for the further synthesis of computerized monitoring and automatic control systems. Formalization of monitoring and control of the MR positioning at the processing of large ferromagnetic surfaces is considered from the point of view of the control theory = В работе проведен анализ и формализация комплекса задач мониторинга и автоматического управления мобильными роботами (МР) для перемещения и выполнения различных технологических операций на наклонных и вертикальных ферромагнитных поверхностях большой площади. Определены основные управляемые координаты гусеничного МР с магнитными прижимными устройствами для дальнейшего синтеза компьютеризированной системы мониторинга и автоматического управления.