Constructive tendencies of speed increase of small and high-speed vessels





Korobanov, Yu. N.
Коробанов, Ю. Н.
Kuznetsov, A. I.
Кузнецов, А. И.
Korobanova, A. A.
Коробанова, А. А.

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The new laws of formation of the hull structures which can lead to the movement speed increase of small and high-speed vessels are discussed. The constructive decisions of such vessels are analyzed: planning boats, hydrofoils, catamarans, relief vessels, surface-piercing vessels, kinematically hull hinge vessels, with outriggers, swath vessels, hovercrafts, sailing vessels with wing propeller. The effect of speed increase is determined by means of the formation of transverse and longitudinal planning steps, hydrofoils including the wings of relief vessels, and also by means of the air cushion. The hydrodynamic schemes which pro-vide the hull lifting above the water surface are much more common and this operation is car-ried out by planning, wing-systems, creating the air cushion, as well as by the combination of these constructive methods. The constructive decisions and methods related to the reduction of the wave component of water resistance are determined and systemized. This is achieved in two ways, either by the hull lifting above the water surface or hull submerging under the water, either by the decrease of the waterline area or increase of the ratio of the vessel in its width. The research results can be used in the design of new types of speed and small vessels with the possible compilation of several constructive ways in order to improve the speed of sailing. The set laws allow controlling the design processes, making a variety of design deci-sions in the formation of hull structures of small and high-speed vessels.
Проанализированы конструктивные решения, используемые в судостроении малых и скоростных судов, способствующие повышению их скоростных режимов эксплуатации.


Korobanov, Yu. N. Constructive tendencies of speed increase of small and high-speed vessels = Конструктивные тенденции повышения скорости малых и скоростных судов / Yu. N. Korobanov, A. I. Kuznetsov // Shipbuilding & Marine Infrastructure. – 2014. – № 2 (2). – P. 65–78.

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small and high-speed vessels, constructive decisions, speed rate, малые и скоростные суда, конструктивные решения, скоростной режим

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